Golden Buckeyes: Unleash your power!

Each May is celebrated nationwide as Older Americans Month. This year, The Buckeye Hills Area Agency on Aging 8 (AAA8) joins the Ohio Department of Aging in encouraging all of our Golden Buckeyes to unleash their power! Golden Buckeyes are individuals who are inspired by their age, but not defined by it. Ohio is home to nearly 2.4 million adults age 60 and older, and another approximately two million baby boomers. Imagine the potential when all of them – more than 40 percent of our state’s population – have opportunities to grow, thrive and contribute.

As our population ages, communities are incorporating the needs, abilities and preferences of Golden Buckeyes into their plans and services. As one of 12 Area Agencies on Aging designated in Ohio, AAA8 is devoted to the idea that our elders should be respected as vital members of society. We help Golden Buckeyes make informed decisions and access quality, person-centered services, supports and resources to meet their needs and enhance their lives.

Golden Buckeyes play many roles in our communities, including:

Volunteers who give more than 350,000 hours of their time each year to community projects.

Lifelong learners who are changing the face of colleges and universities around the state.

Savvy consumers who leverage their buying power and expect excellence.

Loyal and hard-working employees who know the value of a job done right.

Mentors who model positive behaviors and share their insights on life and living.

Caregivers to family members, friends or neighbors who need help to live at home and maintain their independence.

How do you unleash your power as a Golden Buckeye? Some Golden Buckeyes may need help to unleash their power, and AAA8 can help them access high-quality, person-centered services and supports and make informed decisions as they age. When Golden Buckeyes strive for the highest quality of life, they help Ohio stay on the leading edge of innovation and be responsive to our growing and changing older population.

Learn more about Older Americans Month and find resources to unleash your power as a Golden Buckeye at the Ohio Department of Aging’s website (

Learn more about AAA8 by visiting or calling 1-800-331-2644.

Rick Hindman

Assistant executive director,


Director AAA8