Governor showing his commitment to Ohioans

In February, Gov. John Kasich took a courageous step in caring for those Ohioans who often times fall through the cracks. His plan to extend health care benefits to more than a quarter-million uninsured residents will go a long way in improving the lives of those dealing with complex medical needs, particularly in southeast Ohio. This latest proposal will have a particular impact on uninsured individuals with autism who are not currently eligible for Medicaid.

Extending Medicaid access in Ohio will:

Provide access to families who currently have no access to medical and behavioral health services and are currently struggling to support their loved one with autism.

Expand the eligibility criteria to qualify for Medicaid benefits to 1.5 million people in Ohio who currently have no health insurance.

Generate $23.8 billion in additional federal funds for Ohio’s economy through 2019 to help provide health services.

Support individuals with autism through providing access to counseling, social work and psychiatric services.

Members of the Ohio General Assembly recently stripped the governor’s proposal from the state budget bill. However, Gov. Kasich has shown his commitment to seeing this through and continuing to fight for those in need of care. I ask that you join me in supporting the governor’s Medicaid expansion plan and asking our state legislators to reconsider their stance on Medicaid reform.

Noriko Kantake, president

Autism Society Southeastern Ohio

c/o HAVAR Inc.