College or no college, you decide your own path

Hello I am Isaac Erb, and I currently attend Warren Elementary and I am writing this letter because I am tired of seeing so many people begging on the streets. College is important because it allows us to get into a good career or job opportunities. College allows you to chose the job or career that you want.

In the long run, it allows us to make a good income with our jobs. With the college degree, it can determine how much we get paid on our salaries. Now I know there are people out there that might say, I did not go to college and I have a good paying job. I get that and that’s great really, but I know for a fact my mom who is 43, turning 44, went back to college, online and had a full-time teaching job at the same time and she is now getting paid more. The benefits of going to college are making more money on the job. We have a greater variety of jobs we can select from.

It also allows us to know how to solve problems in the world. Also, people say that if you love your job you never really work a day in your life, college can provide that. And it just proves with a degree that you were an overachiever and went the extra four to six, maybe even eight years of your life when you did not have to. (Now I know some were made to go to college). It just goes to prove that you decided to make an effort to get a good education and decide your future.

Remember, you decide your future, and only you!

Isaac S. Erb