1 license plate idea deserves support

Local state representatives should approve a House proposal to remove the front license plate requirement from Ohio’s law books.

State Reps. Terry Johnson, R-McDermott, and Stephen Slesnick, D-Canton, introduced the measure last week.

Some law enforcement agencies testified before the House Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee that Ohio’s front license plate makes it easier for witnesses to report people involved in crimes.

Johnson and Slesnick point out their bill would save Ohio $1 million annually and save automobile owners the cost of adjusting vehicles not built with a spot for a front plate. According to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, there were about 10.5 million sets of license plates in the state in 2012. The law would save motorists $1.25, and save the state about $1.4 million year.

Many states, including Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana and Michigan do not require a front plate. Supporters of the bill argue the lack of a front plate does not seem to hamper crime-fighting efforts in those states.

Without quantifying some substantial number of incidents in which the front plate led to solving or preventing crime, our local representatives should support the bill.