MOVP needs more publicity about its shows

The Ohio Valley Players are putting on another charming presentation with Will Shakespeare’s “Love Labors Lost,” which is enhanced by many passages turned into lively songs. It’s a good Shakespeare play to introduce young people to. You don’t have to be intimidated by Shakespearian English because The plot is so clear that a deaf person can easily follow it. It is about four young men who swear off women for a three-year course of hard study. Four young women arrive and their vows go out the window. There is confusion about letters going astray and other nonsense. It is Shakespeare’s most cheerful play.

But where was the audience the first Saturday night? It is painful for the company to put in so much effort and do so well, and play to such a small audience. It seem to me that the Times does not give enough publicity to these events. The tiny announcements in the activities calendar are easy to miss. The plays if the Ohio Valley Players and the schools deserve as much publicity as the Times give to the new movies every week!

Richard Davis