Student wants support for no-kill animal shelter

My name is Aura Bruce. I am a seventh-grader at Warren Elementary. Have you ever wondered how those poor, depressed animals feel at our only kill shelter in Washington County, which is a kill shelter? I believe it is time for a no-kill shelter in Washington County. Here is why we should give those poor, depressed animals a chance.

Those depressed creatures don’t want to be killed, they don’t even seem to always have a chance. There are many strays out there that are not sprayed or neutered, so they need a home, and one animal shelter in Washington County is not enough, especially since it’s a kill shelter. Some animal owners that can’t take care of their pets just abandon them in the middle of nowhere because they are scared to take them to a kill shelter, so there will be less strays. Can you please consider this?

I do understand that it will cost a good amount of money, but we could get sponsored, like how Creamy Creations support the Marietta Tigers. We could only use volunteers, so we wouldn’t have to pay the workers, like me and my family, my school, animal lovers, and people who need community service. If we build something like the Creamy Creations we could also use that money to buy food for the animals. A way to make sure to make sure we have enough animals is, we could take the animals at the Humane Society the are about to kill. We could make a website, so we could find animals homes outside of Marietta. I hope these solutions convince you that Washington County needs a no-kill animal shelter.

Marietta needs this, because the Humane Society wouldn’t be so backed up. There would be a lot less strays. Marietta will be more respected, and happier.

Think about it, in America, we don’t kill orphans just because the orphanage is backed up, we try harder, so we should do the same for animals. Thank you for reading my letter. Please consider this. The animals need it. It is time for a no-kill shelter in Washington County.

Aura Bruce