Wrestling reunion

It’s been more than a year since Parkersburg resident Tim Hagan, aka Vance Desmond, has gotten into the wrestling ring.

That will change Saturday.

“This is it for me,” said Hagan, 29. “If it wasn’t this situation, I wouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

A quadriceps injury sent Hagan into retirement from an independent wrestling career that took him to a WWE developmental school and matches all over the East Coast and Canada. But the chance to get together and mix it up again with his friends from the defunct Tri-State Wrestling promotion is drawing him back one more time.

The Tri-State Wrestling Reunion, put on by local promoters Remix Wrestling, will bring back multiple stars from the series that used to put on regular matches at Parkersburg’s City Park Pavilion. This time the venue is Ewing School in Marietta.

“Tri-State Wrestling is kind of what got a lot of us started,” said Remix’s Adam Johnson, who recalled attending the local matches before the promotion folded several years ago. “It was a very loyal fan base, and we kind of just wanted to give it one last showing, bring back some of the guys that hadn’t been to the area in (a while).”

Tri-State is also where Hagan got his start wrestling in 2001. He said he doesn’t get to see a lot of his former opponents and tag team partners anymore now that he’s not wrestling, and he misses the camaraderie.

“You’re really close ’cause you travel with those people. They’re your friends, your brothers,” Hagan said.

Hagan, as Vance Desmond, will be featured in a four-way match between some of the top lightweights in Tri-State’s history. He’ll match up with Omega, Jo Escalade and Zac Vincent. There will also be a three-way match between Trik Nasty, Rocky Reynolds and Remix Pro Heavyweight champ Chance Prophet to settle who was Tri-State’s top heavyweight.

Johnson said Tri-State was known for bringing in big-name talent, and Remix will continue that tradition Saturday with former TNA Knockout and WWE Diva Winter, matching up with Remix’s Jesse Belle.

The card will also feature four other matches, including a Remix Riot title bout between defending champion Cole Cash and Ron Mathis.

The reunion event is not part of Remix’s signature “Throwdown for the Pound” series, but Johnson said there will be raffles on Saturday to raise funds for the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley. In addition, the DVD of the seventh “Throwdown” event from earlier this year will be released and the date for the eighth installment announced at Saturday’s event.