Time to take a good look at President Obama

In light of recent events, it is time for our country to take a long hard look at our president.

I believe that if we step back and look at the big picture, it is easy to see that our President, or his political operatives, have lied and gone to great lengths to get re-elected and silence all critics. The press has been complicate in this political game, yet they have finally turned the corner once they realized that they could also be targets visa vie the seizing of phone records. A free press is vital to the American public, and we have not had that as of late.

Using the IRS to attack the opposition is another example of a gross abuse of power. This action alone shows us why our Founding Fathers placed constraints on the power of the government. It also gives validity to arguments against gun registries and other types of government information clearing houses. It is chilling to think that this is the same organization that will be the enforcement arm of Obamacare.

The events in Benghazi are equally problematic. We now know that the Administration knew full well the situation on the ground and ordered military units to stand down. As a result of this, our people were left defenseless and thrown away like garbage. Then, we were lied to about the entire situation and told a YouTube video was to blame. There are those of you reading this will undoubtedly say that this does not rise to the level of lies that Bush told about Iraq. This argument is invalid. First, it you believe that Bush lied, and that was wrong, you do not get to excuse similar behavior without being a hypocrite. I would also suggest that you go back and look at the facts. The facts prove that Bush was wrong, but did not lie. There is a wonderful article from the left leaning Annenberg Foundations Factcheck.org site that explains this.

With all of this, we have the people in charge claiming that they knew nothing of the happenings. I believe that this can only leave the American public to draw either one of two conclusions; we have inept leaders that have no idea what is going on, or we are being lied to. Both prospects are equally disturbing. The one thing that it clearly demonstrates is that the time has come to rid our country of any and all politicians that think that the American public is okay with this.

Jay Owens