Local beekeepers have field day

Members of the Mid-Ohio Valley Beekeepers’ Association (MOVBA) recently visited Anam-Cara Apiary in Barlow. Sam Hammett, current MOVBA president, opened several hives and led discussions about what was found there. The purpose of the May 18 field day was to help new beekeepers better understand the care and maintenance of their honeybee hives. After viewing the bee yard, members held a questions/answers session and enjoyed refreshments.

MOVBA meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month. The group usually meets at the Washington County Career Center, Ohio 676, Marietta at 7 p.m. Anyone interested in learning more about honeybees may attend. To verify dates and times, please contact Sam Hammett, Anam-Cara Apiary, (740) 678-1312 or samjohammett@frontier.com. MOVBA’s website is www.angelfire.com/nb/movba