Boy Scouts of America tosses away moral code

With the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) recent decision to allow participation of homosexual Scouts, the Scout Oath (being morally straight) is now meaningless and it will be a mockery each time the Boy Scouts recite it.

Furthermore, the BSA will now be complicit in teaching young men that it makes no matter if you say one thing, commit to one thing, yet do another. So the BSA can throw the Scout Law (being trustworthy) in the trash along with the Scout Oath.

Morals must be based upon immobile standards. For 103 years that foundation for the BSA has been biblical based. That is no more. Forever more BSA standards will be based upon the changing winds of political correctness.

I have one final comment. How many of the BSA adult leaders of today were Scouts themselves? Eighty percent? Ninety percent? Anyone who believes that the rules against homosexual leadership will remain intact is beyond naive. The concerted attack against that standard has already begun and the intensity of that attack will explode as soon as the first homosexual Scout has his 18th birthday.

Gus Barbarito

Vienna, W.Va.