The Bilderberg Group is powerful, works in shadows

Every year since 1954, a secret cabal of heads of state, media insiders, corporate hounds, academic masters, moneychangers and other entities have met in secret in locations all throughout the “free” Western world. Their transparency is next to zero. They have never been investigated or reported on in the “mainstream” news. They are an organization like no other that has played out behind the scenes with the most powerful people on planet Earth. Yet most likely you have never heard of them, even though it is not all that unlikely, these off-the-record meetings have influenced each of our lives in many ways, great or small. This is the Bilderberg Group, so named after their first meeting at the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Holland in May of 1954, just nine years after the end of WWII and the height of the Cold War.

On June the 6th through the 9th, the Bilderberg Group will meet once again for their secretive power conference in Watford, Hertfordshire, England at the posh Grove Hotel. Only a month and a half ago, not a single soul knew where on Earth the Bilderbergers would meet this year. Some speculation came around that they might play with fire, meeting twice in a row at the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia only miles from D.C. and Dulles International Airport. They’ve met at Westfields several times including last year where their presence was awarded with thousands of protestors demonstrating for the duration of the meeting, filming guests as they arrived and left and walked the grounds. Several were arrested for passing barricades set up for the “public’s protection.” Both private security and Chantilly officers provided manpower to keep the general public at bay, at taxpayer expense of course, from a supposedly open and casual three day discussion on international policy.

At least alternative media were investigating the meetings and its latest location. Low and behold, the late veteran reporter Jim Tucker, Jr. cited insider sources as to saying that Bilderberg would be meeting somewhere north of London, England. He was certainly right, and the confirmation came only several weeks ago when security forces arrived and local police leaked information that there would be a large private meeting where no unauthorized persons would be allowed in at all. Pursuing the information, investigators of the alternative press tried booking rooms before and during the conference. The days of the meeting are full for all 200 plus rooms and those who were able to book rooms for the days leading up to the conference have just been canceled, leaving many to wonder why they can’t stay at the hotel, at least up to the days of the confab. Other reporters have been sent on site to collect “reconnaissance” footage as to the hotel and its grounds’ layout so that protestors have a better chance at catching guests coming and going. Also to provide information so that people may be safe from being whisked away by G4S, the private security and consulting firm that will be providing a “ring of steel” around the Grove Hotel during the Bilderbergers meeting. Again, at the expense of Briton taxpayers.

Jim Tucker, Jr. was most likely the foremost in the field of investigating the Bilderberg meetings. While the information that any alternative media has produced about Bilderberg is usually disregarded as theory, Tucker made sure his sources were credible and double checked the information he received before publishing it. Not much over the years at the time of him producing guest lists and minutes from the meetings would have been regarded, or at least until what he published came true on a regional and global scale. The Bilderbergers could be just another group, and the circumstances of reporting may be broad, but the uncanny detail in which information came out about the assembly and to which activism has been aroused to protest the organizations’ secret gathering, there cannot be a mistake over the truth of the information itself, even standing alone. I may not provide specifics here, but you might check out articles yourself sometime and see what I mean.

While there is still much speculation that surrounds the Bilderberg Conference, there are many questions that have never been answered about the meetings and have been consequently swept under the rug due to their controversial or supposedly conspiratorial nature. However, it is not doubted by anyone who has read even a little bit about the Bilderberg meetings and their guests, mainstream or not, that there is cause for concern due to the names that are present and the nature of the meeting itself. While so much hearsay may surround something that on the surface seems not sinister, it is the unprecedented manner in which powerful men and women, those of government, media, corporations, banks, business, and academia talk behind closed doors about things that only they know of. It might seem OK that they do something like this, but this is not some random get-together of power brokers at the Queen of the Netherlands’ birthday party. It is a structured multi-day event in which they meet in secret with others to admittedly discuss world affairs. Now, I may be rusty, but when you especially have heads-of-state talking to each other about potentially major issues concerning economics or warfare or technology, I thought that was supposed to happen in the light of day, not under the cover of dark as the Bilderbergers do. Perhaps there is nothing sinister afoot. Perhaps it is nothing more than afternoon tea with the good old guys and gals. Yet perhaps it is more than that, and there will always be questions surrounding whether that is true.

Not just three years ago the Bilderberg Group acquired a website at the URL While some people or organizations may counter that this provides sufficient information on the secret cabal and the contents of their meetings, I would suggest that this is nothing more than an attempt by the group to whitewash speculation by alternative sources of media and for the mainstream to smear real news and the protesting that surround the annual confab. The site does give a fair amount of generic information pertaining to the meetings, including a brief history and recent agenda scores from the most previous meetings like those in Sitges, Spain, St. Moritz, Switzerland or Chantilly, Virginia. Unfortunately the website does little to actually quell real questions and shed light upon a 60-year-old tradition that has possibly provided the world with its most powerful leaders and a great secret sounding board to the ways corporations, governance, academia and media can all play a big game of monopoly with our lives through warfare, economy and technology.

After all, then Sen. Barack Obama was seen entering the 2008 Bilderberg Conference. The next year he was elected the United States’ president. Coincidence?

Are protestors concerns baseless? Do you think that this is alright, that the Western worlds’ most powerful men and women meet every year behind closed doors to discuss God knows what? Does it matter that even if it is not nefarious, that the meetings are so secret and are secured by your tax dollars, that we may never know why they even meet? When will some questions be answered? When will you start asking some questions?

Sam Ludtman is a freelance writer of local, state and national politics. You can read The Full Bilderberg Article and find out more at