Doctors’ office needs time to learn method

I’m hearing a lot of discussion about the start of electronic medical records. There is concern about having to wait long periods of time for appointments. Not being able to be seen by the practitioner in a timely manner for urgent problems. This has been brought about by doctor’s offices starting to use the electronic medical record and drastically reducing the number of patients seen in a day.

Please know we are working hard to learn this new system. For the most part we are not computer savvy so this has been a real challenge. While we struggle with this change we are just not able to see the number of patients we had previously.

It is important to understand the reason for the advent of this new system. In order to receive payment for care provided to patients on Medicare or Medicaid, offices must institute a system of electronic medical records. Most practices have large numbers of these patients and want to continue providing their care.

Please remember that first and foremost we are health care providers. We want nothing more than to continue providing care to patients. We will gradually increase out appointments as we gain knowledge of this new system.

Marie Ralston, FNP

Department of Primary Care

Barlow office