Maintenance man not one to toot his horn

Your reporter must have felt as if he were pulling teeth. Extracting comments from the soft-spoken Troy Lee would certainly be analogues to such an exercise. Lee is responsible for overseeing a complete summer overhaul. In addition to sanitizing all desks, chairs, and other classroom furnishings, the crew must remove all contents from each classroom to scrub and wax the floors, depending on the classroom three or four coats of wax will be applied. Since this is a labor intensive operation it can only be undertaken during the summer months. The crew tends to begin on the first floor at the high school and migrates its way up to the top floor. But there are restrictions on what can be done when. For example, Lee and the guys must work around summer football and basketball to apply the finish in the gym. Administrators and secretaries are absent during the month of July so all equipment is moved to the top floor to work within this time window. Humidity also plays a big part during the summer months – the higher the humidity the longer the drying time between coats of wax.

All school lockers must be opened, emptied, cleaned and sanitized which is usually done before furniture is removed from the classrooms. Before entering the classrooms to clean, all furnace filters must be removed and cleaned. This process creates much dirt and dust and would be senseless to implement are the rooms have received their quota of wax.

All the windows in the building must also be cleaned. Exterior windows are cleaned from the inside only. To assist Lee and all other building custodians, the administration hires willing staff members to paint and clean carpets whose schedules must also be accounted for when planning. Any additional bigger projects that involve the maintenance department can also pose scheduling problems.

In the article few of these activities were alluded to, yet that is not surprising from men like Troy Lee who never pat themselves on the back but go quietly about their business. Fortunately for us Lee’s business is keeping the high school clean.

Al Young