Loss of cat drives home need to spay, neuter

On May 31, a letter was published, written by a Warren Elementary student. Very impressive. If only many adults could be so concerned. The child had a heartfelt vision for a no kill animal shelter and plans on how to get it accomplished. As a child, I, too, tried to save every little critter. Tonight, I am hurt because if someone, somewhere, had spayed a cat, this could have been avoided. What do I mean? …

Eight months ago, three starving kittens were brought to me. I bottle fed, litter trained, and found good homes for two of them in Athens with college students. The other kitten was held for someone, but they never returned. I named him “Bugs,” had him neutered and added him to my two house cats. He wrapped me around his little paw with his cute personality.

Bugs never went to the road. Last night he did … a tragic ending. A broken leg and torn tail. He could have been fixed, but I did not have the money. Vets do not take payments. Thank God for them. They fix our animals, but only if we have the cash up front.

This sad event would not have happened had Bugs never been born.

I have been a widow for 26 years. I am at the age that I no longer work. People have brought me many cats and kittens. I have spayed, neutered, trapped and spayed feral cats and released them. Found homes for kittens. I’ve done my share and am about worn down. Since Bugs was killed, I now have 13 cats. Two in the house, one outside, nine in large dog pens and one feral. Can I afford this? No! I live on $764 a month.

One kind lady buys me three sacks of cat food a month and I buy two myself. Not cheap.

I cannot send an animal to a shelter. It’s death row. Yes, we have all of these events for the animals to raise money for food, but the bottom line is, if they aren’t adopted, they eat for three days and then are killed. “The Last Supper.”

We need to get to the rest of the problem and keep our focus on it. There is only one solution, and while it won’t fix it all, it will fix much – spay and neuter! Make some mandatory laws that people aren’t letting their animals overbreed all the time. And we need some cooperation and a lot of it.

Why can’t the vets in our area donate one day a month to spay and neuter? Every vet. Think of how much killing and expense it would save the shelters. They won’t go broke by doing this. I have done so much on my small amount. When people have little to live on, it should be free, and people with good incomes need to pay. I cannot say this as a fact, but have heard one of our older retired vets wanted a plan to donate some time from the vets and got no cooperation. The Bible says God gave man dominion over the animals, so let us exercise that right with wisdom and compassion. In this modern day, it could be called spaying and neutering. It’s the only answer to all of this shelter killing and suffering animals.

Ernestine Frye