Swift, compassionate care from emergency squad is appreciated

On June 3, our dear friend and neighbor fell in her home. We called for the New Matamoras Emergency Squad. Even though it was almost 11 p.m., four people showed up rather quickly and gave our dear friend the most tender and compassionate care. She was in a back bedroom and the gurney was too big to get down the hall into the room so they had a chair they brought in that they strapped her in. I don’t know how much this chair cost, but it was worth every penny to us. She was in a lot of pain in her hip and shoulder and they were very careful in how they moved her.

My husband and I want to thank James Addlesburger, Teri Amos, Dave Yonley and Jared Kiggans for their time in attending to our friend. Thank you for caring and volunteering your time for all of us here in Grandview Township.

Take a moment and thank an e-squad member in your community for their time and don’t forget to donate. You may never know when it will be your time to need them.

Danny and Pam Rake

New Matamoras