Wayne Street damage

Damage done to a Marietta street by trucks delivering fill material to a construction site will be repaired by the company, city engineer Joe Tucker said Tuesday.

Two portions of Wayne Street between Pike and East Eighth streets were damaged last month by trucks hauling fill dirt to the corner of Wayne and East Eighth streets, where Pioneer Pipe is building two new office buildings for the Memorial Health System.

“They probably hauled in just tons and tons of dirt to fill in that site and elevate it above the hundred-year floodplain,” Tucker said.

Tucker said the damage was reported to him around May 22. Sections of the pavement had crumbled and “hooved up,” he said.

“This was an extreme situation because you had stopping and turning, and these are very heavy loads,” he said.

Tucker immediately spoke with Pioneer’s on-site supervisor and the situation was addressed by their employees and city workers.

“The large pieces of broken-up pavement were removed, and the depression was filled with crushed aggregate and compacted then smoothed down for continued exposure to vehicular and truck traffic,” he said.

The company still needs to bring in additional fill, but once that’s done, a more permanent fix will be made, Tucker said.

“The road is going to be repaired when all the fill’s in,” said Matt Hilverding, Pioneer’s chief operating officer. “We’re just trying to get through another week or so.”

Hilverding said it’s not unusual for some road damage to develop when fill is being brought in, especially on a street like Wayne, that isn’t heavily traveled.

Tucker said because the company is addressing the issue, no legal action will be taken.

“Pioneer’s a good company. They’re going to make things right,” he said.

In the meantime, the rough road has caused some residents to alter their routes.

“I don’t even go up that way,” said Wayne Street resident Dave Emerick, 57. “Lunchtime it’s a mess down here.”

Still, Emerick said he prefers the road conditions, which are avoidable, to high water.

“It’s an inconvenience, but there’s nothing we can do about it,” he said. “If somebody’s going to build, they’re going to build.”

Eventually, the site will be the location of a pair of approximately 10,000-square-foot office buildings housing outpatient physicians and services for the Memorial Health System.

In addition, the third phase of Marietta’s River Trail is extending through that area.