Spending thousands on safer schools is a waste

What a waste. Of money and time. And a waste for the safety of those who attend Marietta High School. So you’re going to spend $600,000 on a project that encloses walkways and provides so-called safety to your children. What a load of horse puckey. No, instead what you are doing is enclosing walkways and allowing your children to be imprisoned in a public indoctrination center for the entire day and making it so when an idiot does manage to get inside, sorry kids, you ain’t got nowhere to run! Thanks to the parents who are so liberal and just want to keep kids “safe.” You know what would keep kids safe? Certainly not putting another brick in the wall, as it were. Instead, stop pretending to live in a dangerous world!

Fast fact: Did you know that while the murderer Adam Lanza somehow managed to get inside of Sandy Hook Elementary, that not just several weeks before, new state-of-the-art electronic locks and security systems were installed there? Yet I guess that didn’t really matter because he unfortunately gained access anyhow and made the country pause. It’s an unfortunate series of events, but there is no question that these events are mere anomalies that capture our country in emotion and fear, partly due to the “what if” question and our media, always ready to hype and pronounce our country unsafe to live in. Should we really fear the object, a gun? Should we really fear, a possibility? Shouldn’t we fear our ability to protect ourselves, nullified, by government intrusion? Shouldn’t we fear the pharmaceutical industry that makes psychotropic drugs that are pushed onto already mentally unstable people? This country really needs to get its priorities straightened out.

Some people are so entranced by their emotion, it clouds any and all reason and in their either good intention or hubris, they go and spend $600,000 on buttoning up the entire school so your kids are all nice and cozy with their wonderful textbooks and teachers just sitting patiently like sitting ducks, inviting crazies into a perfect place for hurt to happen, God forbid. A dark theatre, perhaps, with only one exit? Oh, yes, it could happen. It probably won’t though, but you ignore facts and statistics. Here are several for you:

The FBI posts statistics, especially those involving overall violent crimes at an all time 40-year low, with only about 12,000 homicides occurring in 2011, 8,000 of which involved guns, and the rest involving other deadly weapons including baseball bats, knives, poison, 2×4’s, fists and feet. That means more people die behind the wheel (11,500 in 2011), than others at the will of a criminal.

Pew Research conducted a study recently, which I reported on here at the Times, which reported to find that data shows that gun crime overall has fallen by 49 percent since only 1993 alone. Furthermore, they found that the majority of those who die by guns in particular are suicides. They went one step further to suggest that the old adage of when legal gun possession increases, gun crimes exponentially fall, while places like Chicago or NYC which have gun bans, violent crime overall explodes.

Alternative news media report that in 2012 alone, only 88 people were killed in “mass shootings” in about 16 highly publicized incidences where at least one or two people were responsible for turning guns into crowds of others. Eighty percent of incidences were admittedly committed in so-called “gun free zones” which include theatres, malls, and schools. The mad men who killed others were usually men between the ages of 14 and 45, nearly 90 percent reportedly being on some sort of chemical cocktail of psychotropic drugs. The government definition of “mass shooting” is four or more people being mortally wounded or fatally shot.

It is notable that guns in America account for the single most stopper of crime, where an estimated yearly 370,000 on the low-end to possibly 1.5 million defensive gun uses are used to stop crime. Unfortunately, there is little data kept on DGU’s with many not even being reported to police or the news. However, studies by Kleck and Gertz, including others like researcher John Lott, and the National Self-Defense Survey conclude that DGU’s far outweigh deaths caused by guns and they save lives. Studies suggest that the mere brandishing of a weapon often deters crime.

Overall, these statistics impart that not very many people die in America each year at the end of a barrel, even though the media and pundits would hype it up to seem as if we have a rash epidemic on our hands. It just isn’t true folks! I bring up gun crimes in particular because I know for a fact that no one in their right mind would be spending $600,000 on erecting walls to nowhere, unless of course something like the Sandy Hook shooting had occurred. Is this even rational? In what country do you think you live in? I’d understand if this were Pakistan and you were spending that much money on a bunker so school children won’t die from daily drone strikes authorized by the president. But that’s horrible foreign policy. Domestically, we’re the largest population and safest population in the world to live in a “free” country. Did you know that Americans own more than 315 million firearms, conservatively estimated? Then why aren’t more people dying every day? Is it really the gun, or is the occasional crazy who gets his hands on one? Yet you’re worried of a bogeyman entering the high school, a place where $600,000 should be spent on academia and teaching kids to follow their dreams through adversity, but instead you spend it on walls that only help a mad man corner his prey.

I’m sad that the obvious is not, well, obvious to you by this point in time. Our world is a chaotic place. There are safety measures that can be taken to protect people. Unfortunately, building walls to try and keep people out is not one of them. Did it ever occur to you, the madness from within. Will walls make us a better and safer people, or is it nothing more than an expensive and feeble attempt to feel secure in our lives (and our children’s), while disregarding facts that our country is quite a safe place, and unfortunately, life is full of uncertainties that walls can’t ever protect us from. Just something to think about.

Sam Ludtman,