Gen. Buell House 1840-1841

By 1840 the Buell brick house, now on the newly formed Buell’s Island, was in the hands of new owners, Truxton Lyon, John Buck and Christian Wolf. Lyon paid taxes on the brick house from 1841 to 1854, but he probably lived in Buell’s Lowell. He was an enterprising man who, along with partners Buck and Wolf, built the Lowell locks in 1841. The trio also purchased “State lot 4 acres” from Perez B. Buell where the Lowell Mill was built in 1842. (Vol. 33, pp. 24-25) It stood as a landmark in Lowell until it burned in 1948.

The two daughters of Salmon D. and Eliza Buell got married in Washington County during the early 1840’s. Sally Mariah Buell married George M. Lane on March 8, 1840. Aurelia A. Buell married William F. Curtis on October 30, 1843.

On December 7, 1840, Perez B. Buell put the next part of his plan into action. He offered to sell all of lot 5 south of Cat’s Creek “containing 67 acres or thereabouts” if Don Carlos Buell, Sally M. Lane and Aurelia A. Buell would pay $50 and relinquish all claims to lots 3 and 4. (Vol. 32, pp. 190-91) Don Carlos Buell and Aurelia Buell never signed this deed.

This suggests that when George P. Buell and his sisters sold the land to Perez in 1830, they were only selling their interest. Don Carlos Buell and his sisters still owned their shares. By 1840-41 Don Carlos was in his last year at West Point. The brick house had already been sold to Lyon, Buck and Wolf, so it was not part of the deal. This may have been an attempt to induce Don Carlos Buell to return to Lowell and share in the rapid progress that was taking place due to the river development, formation of towns, and influx of new settlers. But more likely it was an effort by Perez to get complete ownership of lots 3 and 4 (the location of Buell’s Lowell). Don Carlos, the young cadet who had his eyes set on a military career, wanted nothing to do with his uncle’s plan and in time sold his interest, never to settle in Lowell.

Then on the same day (December 7), George W. and Sally Mariah Lane sold their interest in the 1.69 acres that had been sold to Lyon, Buck and Wolf to Perez for $100. (Vol. 31, pp. 585-86) Aurelia A. Buell deeded her interest in the same property to Perez on January 15, 1841, for $100. (Vol. 31, pp. 586-87) And finally Don Carlos Buell sold his interest to Perez on July 31, 1841, for $150. (Vol. 32, pp. 205-06) It is interesting that Perez did not have to buy the land that had been sold to Lyon, Buck and Wolf from Don Carlos, Sally M. and Aurelia A. Buell. It had already been laid off as Eliza’s dower in 1826. The purpose of laying off a dower was to separate the wife’s right (usually one-third) from the children’s claims. The dower almost always included the house, so she still had a place to live. She could sell her dower when she wanted, which Eliza did when she sold it to Perez in 1835.

There was, however, the deed made on December 7, 1840, that had offered the southern 67 acres of lot 5 to Don Carlos, Sally M. and Aurelia Buell, but had not been signed by the former and latter. A new deed, with the same date of December 7, 1840, but recorded on August 14, 1841, nearly completed Perez’s plan. Don Carlos (still at the military academy), Sally M. Lane and Aurelia Buell released their claims to lots 3 and 4 to Perez B. Buell for $50, and Perez released his claim to lot 5. (Vol. 32, pp. 206-07) Since this included the 1.69 acres (taken from the south end of lot 5) that had been sold to Lyon, Buck and Wolf, the deeds of Don Carlos Buell, Sally M. Lane and Aurelia A. Buell to Perez for this land were necessary after all-even though they deeded Perez the land after he had already sold it. Perez had mostly accomplished what he wanted. The brick house was out of the family and he had complete ownership of lots 3 and 4, the main part of Buell’s Lowell.

On November 24, 1852, Don Carlos Buell sold his claim to lot 5 to William F. Curtis for $333. The deed was signed by Don Carlos and his wife, Margaret, and acknowledged in Missouri. (Vol. 43, pp. 75-76) This ended Don Carlos’ land ownership of lots 3, 4 and 5. On February 11, 1853, William F. and “Amelia” A. Curtis of Marietta sold lot 5 to Perez for $660. (Vol. 43, p. 259) Perez B. Buell died on December 8, 1862. On March 16, 1863, George W. and Sally Maria Lane of Dearborn County, Indiana, sold to the Perez B. Buell heirs “all right to 100 acre lots 3, 4, 5 in Cat’s Creek Allotment” for $333.33. (Vol. 53, pp. 634-35) Perez and his heirs had finally succeeded in buying out the Salmon D. Buell heirs. Just a little over three months after Perez’s death, his plan was completed.

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