Yard sales organizers, buyers ignore laws

I think there should be a new ordinance that there be no yard sales in the city limits. They make our city look trashy and really create a lot of danger zones.

All the signs on utility poles and along curb sides. It’s just the tacky way of doing business. Other businesses have to provide off street parking.

These people park at the corners in the yellow hanging out into the other streets. They park in other peoples’ driveways, on the lawn strips, in the handicap zones, on the wrong side of the street, where city buses and emergency vehicles can’t get thru.

None of this should be allowed. The people that go to yard sales have no respect for any law. The people that have the yard sales have no respect for their neighbors or the neighborhood in general.

This would be a good way for our county fair board to make some money. Rent spaces at moderate prices for yard sales at the fairground. No need to advertise on poles or curbs. Everyone would know that the sales were all at the fairground Fridays and Saturdays. Plenty of parking, and great, convenient location.

Have a little pride in our city and get these out of the pretty neighborhoods.

Bill Pryor