Meet-and-greet may open a oil/gas career door

To: Residents of Washington and surrounding counties

Oil and natural gas affects our lives every day. Fuel for our cars, electricity for our homes and the places we work, and so much more. Technological innovations have allowed the United States to become a world leader in the production of oil and gas. This has helped our energy security at home, brought billions of dollars to federal and state treasuries, and created new, high-paying jobs. Because accessing these natural resources is so critical in supplying the energy needs of Americans, often oil and natural gas industry exploration and production wages are more than double the national average.

The Mid-Ohio Valley and surrounding areas hold considerable promise for economic growth in the oil and gas industry. A huge catalyst to the growth on the industry in our area is the exploration and development of Utica Shale, a newly discovered source of natural gas throughout the Appalachian Basin. Washington County, along with other areas in the Eastern part of the state, is expected to be a hotbed for the shale.

Although the oil and gas industry promises to bring an abundance of employment opportunities to the area, there is a scarcity of local professionals, and experts are often brought in from outside of the area. Washington State Community College can train individuals to prepare for employment in the oil and gas workforce. The opportunities are vast: Geoscience, Drafting, Industrial Machining, Instrumentation, Process Technician, Diesel Truck Technician, Information Technology, Cyber Security and Private Security, and the list goes on. The courses, degrees and certificates available to meet industry needs are often covered by financial aid and can be completed in two years or less.

Washington State Community College is connected, working closely with companies in the oil and gas industries. Students will not only get a quality, affordable education and job-training, but they will be networking with industry professionals throughout their program, which often leads to employment opportunities after graduation.

If you are looking for a new, exciting career path, I personally invite you to attend our Oil and Gas Meet and Greet at the Grand Central Mall on Saturday, June 29, from noon to 4 p.m. Meet with industry professionals and Washington State Community College faculty and staff to learn more about these partnerships, job opportunities in oil and gas, and training available at WSCC. Feel free to contact the college for additional information by calling Admissions at (740) 568-1900.

Nicole Crump, BSJ

Assistant Director of Admissions – Adult Learners and Career Services

Washington State Community College