Par Mar break-in

Police are investigating a break-in at a Harmar Hill gas station that took place sometime Tuesday night and Wednesday morning while the business was closed.

A safe with an undisclosed amount of money was taken from Par Mar Stores at 101 Alta St., said Sgt. Rod Hupp of the Marietta Police Department.

“My understanding is that there was an extensive amount of damage caused by the people who broke in,” said Hupp.

The suspects forced entry through the back of the building, he said.

“They damaged the exterior wall and got in that way,” he said.

The suspects also caused additional property damage inside the business, which was still closed Wednesday evening.

Calls made to Par Mar Stores officials were not immediately returned.

The theft was discovered by the owner or an employee of the business who reported for work around 3 a.m. Wednesday, said Hupp.

Police are processing evidence that was collected from the scene. Hupp would not specify evidence collected.