Club news

Muskingum Garden Club

The Muskingum Garden Club held the June meeting at the Reno Community Building with 14 members present. Each member brought their own lunch.

Linda McDougle from the Reno Garden Club presented the program on “Good Bugs” and “Bad Bugs.” The bugs, including lady beetles, praying mantis’, stink bugs, and the dragon fly, are all beneficial and should not be killed. The bugs that should be killed are cucumber bugs, cut worms, cabbage worms, bean leaf beetles, mealy bugs and bag worms. These bugs are not beneficial and will harm plants.

Jon Ann Naeser conducted the business meeting. Diana Miller gave the inspirational reading, “Be Yourself.” Helen Drake gave the secretary’s report and July Van Dyk gave the treasurer’s report.

Jerry Miller gave the garden hints and showed a slide picture of the club’s garden at the Sacra Via, where he had added some flowers.

The next meeting will be on July 9 at Glenwood.