Get outside and see what our parks have to offer

Buckeye Park is stocked with fish, has a playground and picnic area, ball fields and an archery range.

It’s just one of the area’s great parks and a place for residents to go for free recreation.

The Marietta Times is continuing its series today on the status of local parks with a look at Buckeye Park and what it offers now as well as goals for the future. Last week, we did the same for Lookout Park.

In weeks to come, we will look at more parks in Marietta and throughout Washington County.

These spaces are taken for granted by many. It’s easy to forget they’re there and all they have to offer.

We urge everyone to go and experience these spots right in their own backyards. Go during your lunch break and take a book or bring the family on the weekend. There is so much to do without spending a dime.

We would bet there are plenty of residents who haven’t spent time outside in the parks other than for special events or for sports-related reasons.

Give it a try. There’s a lot to explore.