Got an issue with Suddenlink? Call them

A current Suddenlink cable commercial ridicules their rival satellite TV providers for poor reception during bad weather. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! At least with satellite the signal comes back after the storm.

As I write this letter, Columbus stations WBNS (channel 10) and WSYX (channel 6) have been “dark” for 18 hours. This is a frequent occurrence during and after strong storms, and occasionally without a storm.

If you call Suddenlink about this, their representatives blame the problem on the stations. That’s right. The Emmy Award winning WBNS is just not as professional and reliable as our illustrious cable company.

Some of us remember that reception of Columbus TV stations was the original reason why Marietta and other southeastern Ohio communities were among the first in the nation to have cable systems. And for some of us it remains a main reason to subscribe to cable.

If the satellite providers had sense enough to offer Columbus stations to Washington County residents (as they do in Athens, Morgan and Noble counties) I’d switch in a heartbeat. But here in Marietta and Belpre we’re stuck with Suddenlink if we want to stay in touch with the rest of Ohio.

I wonder how quickly and permanently the regional Suddenlink managers in Teays Valley would resolve this problem if they could only receive Ohio TV stations every time it storms?

The main reason I’m writing this letter is that when I spoke to a truly kind, helpful Suddenlink representative in Parkersburg today, she said I was only the second person to report a problem with channels 6 and 10.

Please folks, considering what we pay for television service, call the cable company when the Ohio stations disappear for hours or days at a time.

Michael Cullu