Downed lines and trees should be treated as emergencies until cleared

On July 15, a letter to editor was submitted by a firefighter/EMT titled, “Make sure 911 calls are true emergencies.” I would like to explain to this individual that I, too, am a firefighter/EMT, and as I may agree with some of the statements about reporting true emergencies to 911, I also have to express my concern that downed lines and downed trees have injured and killed people and all of these should be treated as emergencies until they are cleared by first responders as a nonemergency situation. The person in the previous article told of a fire that happened the night that many area departments were faced with several trees and lines down throughout the county. However, he forgot to mention that this fire was believed to have started from a tree down on power lines which shorted out causing this house to burn. Please in the future remember to read and know facts of all situations, and to all residents treat what you feel an emergency as such and your departments will help.

John Lee