Williamstown VFD ice cream social

WILLIAMSTOWN – Patty Templeton tries not to miss the annual ice cream social in Tomlinson Park.

The 78-year-old has been attendance since 1947, even when she moved to Fleming for a few years. Her favorite part of the event is getting to see all the people.

“I like the pies and cakes, but the older I get, it’s more interesting visiting with the people,” Templeton said.

Not only is the social a major event for the Williamstown Volunteer Fire Department – the major fundraiser for the year – it’s also the 35th high school reunion for the Williamstown High School Class of 1978.

“We started out slow, but it seems like (the weather) is holding off,” said Williamstown Fire Chief J.L. Dean, who has been chief for only nine months.

Dean said the department makes roughly $6,000 to $8,000 from the ice cream, hot dogs, pies and cakes.

The goal for the department is to get a generator system in place to guard against another power outage such as the one that the Mid-Ohio Valley and eastern Ohio experienced during the derecho of late June 2012.

The department has 35 members now and Dean said he was pleased that many younger guys are stepping up to volunteer with the department.

“It’s hard to get young people to volunteer,” Dean said.

Evelyn Valentine, 52, of Queens, N.Y., accompanied her friend, Alan Schultheiss, 53, to Williamstown for the social and the high school reunion. Schultheiss is a 1978 graduate of Williamstown High School and Templeton’s son.

Valentine said they wanted to participate because it is a good cause and because of the pie and ice cream. Her favorite? Blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream. Plus, it was a good time to visit with Templeton.

Scott Willhide, 45, of Williamstown was busy taking money for ice cream and pie or cake.

He said he volunteers for something every year during the social because of his brother and late father being firefighters. “Even with the weather, the people of Williamstown always turn out,” Willhide said.

Regan Noland, 38, of Parkersburg, came to the social with husband, Mike, 38, and daughters, Maia, 7, and Leila, 5. Mike is from Williamstown originally.

Noland enjoyed the hot dog sauce but was more than ready for cake, she confessed, as she headed toward the dessert counters.