Boy Scouts pitch in at Inman Liberty Park

A lot of boxes on the Inman Liberty Park to-do list will soon have check marks in them thanks to the hard work of a local group of Boy Scouts.

The park, which is located off Coffman Road in Warren Township, is the site of 15-year-old Spencer Foster’s Eagle Project, said township trustee Jeff Knowlton.

“We just approved the project, so not a lot of work’s been going on yet,” said Knowlton.

But with the help of fellow scouts from Boy Scout Troop 216, Foster has big plans for summer upgrades at the park.

“We’re going to make it look a lot better than it does now. The flower beds look a little neglected, so we’ll be weeding and mulching those,” he said.

Thursday night Foster braved the muggy weather to begin the flower bed beautification project.

Fixing up two information boards that flank two park entrances will be another project Foster hopes to tackle this summer.

“They need some new plexiglass doors. The ones they have now don’t even open,” he said.

But perhaps Foster’s biggest summer project will be resealing the asphalt.

“You get the sealant in a barrel and dump it on the track and spread it out let it dry,” explained Foster.

Besides the one-third-mile asphalt walking track, the park is home to a fishing pond, a hiking trail, picnic shelters, and a small playground, said Knowlton.

The pond, where anyone with an Ohio fishing license can fish for free, was recently stocked with catfish for the park’s annual fishing derby, said Knowlton.

The derby was well attended, said park committee member Hugh Coffman, but there are still plenty of fish in the pond.

“When I’m down there nearby it seems like there’s always somewhere out there fishing,” he said.

Troop 216 has long been sponsored by the township and its fire department, a connection that has been beneficial for both the scouts and township, said troop leader Alan Treadway.

“When they have something to do, we’re able to do it and it gives us a project,” said Treadway.

Treadway has been with Troop 216 since 2000 and the boys have been doing project since that time if not earlier, he recalled.

Among other previous projects, the troop built a bridge that gets park goers to the start of the park’s hiking trail, said Knowlton.

Besides the projects being handled by the boy scouts this summer, the township has a variety of other upgrades they would like to see in the park should money ever be readily available.

“We’d like to do some maintenance on the walking trail, maybe plant different types of trees around it for the kids in school to go out and gather leaves,” he said.

They are also hoping to soon add new mulch to the playground and possibly upgrade some equipment, said Hugh Coffman, who is on the park committee.

“They’d like to make the surface of the playground a little more desirable,” he said.

But the township wants to be more confident in the future stability of the township budget before it starts any projects that would require a significant amount of funding, said Knowlton.