Time to show at local fairs almost here

Summer has progressed through ice cream socials, days at the pool, evenings at a park listening to local musical talent, and the family vacation.

The start of a new school year is just a few weeks away.

Seems like the summer break is winding down. But for scores of local youngsters involved in a 4-H project for the Washington County Fair, in addition to next month’s Waterford Community Fair and September’s Barlow Fair, these are hectic times indeed.

The 4-H kids have to have their animals, large and small, ready for showing and judging. The county fair looms over the Labor Day weekend.

We wish the competitors from all over Washington County and surrounding regions and their advisors the best of luck. Good luck, too, to the parents of the 4-Hers. That’s because a county fair project truly involves the entire family, especially if more than one child is participating.

The ultimate goal is earning a blue ribbon or grand champion title. But, anyone who has participated knows a county fair project is a valuable lesson in responsibility.

We’re glad the tradition of participating at the county fair continues even in a world dominated by social media and any number of diversions that can occupy the time of a new generation.