Club will welcome Westward Home team

Noon Rotary Club of Marietta will welcome the Westward Home Team to its next meeting on Thursday, July 25, to recount their journey and share stories.

The team, composed of several Rotarians, include Dan Jones, Gary Murphy, Roger Murphy, Bill and Sally Wesel, Peter Prigge, and help from many family and friends.

Early this summer, a team of six adventurers traveled from Ipswich, Mass. to Marietta. The purpose of this adventure was to help the city of Marietta celebrate its 225th birthday and to raise funds to support the Harmar Community Center (HCC) in Marietta and the Washington County Boys and Girls Club which is housed at the HCC.

The plan was for the team to parallel the route used by General Rufus Putnam and the Ohio Company of 46 men who walked, rode on horses and in wagons from Ipswich with the goal of founding the community of Marietta. The Westward Home team did not walk or ride horses or in wagons during their trip, but instead used bicycles for the land route and then wooden kayaks for the river portion of the trip.