Intruder who dropped cell phone sentenced

A Vincent man charged with a home break-in after leaving his cell phone at the scene was sentenced Tuesday to 144 days in jail.

Kevin M. Busch, 19, of 1380 Brackenridge Road, received the sentence for the Feb. 21 incident Tuesday in Washington County Common Pleas Court.

Busch and Destry S. Todd, 22, of 2195 Layman Road, both pleaded guilty to a second-degree felony burglary charge of breaking into a home on Brackenridge Road in the midst of renovations.

The owner, Brian Ogden, of Belpre, drove by one night and saw lights on in the home. He said someone had rummaged through the home. Officers who investigated the incident that night found a cell phone and called one of the contacts, labeled “Dad.”

“The reason these guys broke in is they wanted see what it looked like,” Ogden said. “If they had come to the door, I would have shown them.”

Washington County Common Pleas Judge Ed Lane sentenced Busch to 144 days in the Washington County Jail and five years of community control.

Once his 144 days in jail are completed and a bed is open at the SEPTA Center in Nelsonville, he will be sent there. Upon successful completion of the SEPTA program, he will be required to complete the “Thinking For A Change” program in Washington County.

“Thinking For A Change” is a cognitive behavioral change program developed by The National Institute of Corrections.

Public defender Ray Smith objected to the sentence.

“Sitting in jail for 144 days is kind of heavy,” he said. “I would have him go back to jail and wait for the first available bed in SEPTA.”

Smith said Busch has had a problem with drug use in the past although it didn’t contribute to this crime and that treatment would be beneficial.

Busch spoke little during the sentencing, responding only with “No, sir” and “Yes, sir,” when Lane questioned him.

Also included in his sentencing, Busch must pay court costs and restitution to the victim. During the incident, Ogden said they shot the back door and an old water tank with damages totaling $3,885. Busch also must enroll in counseling at L&P Services and comply with their recommendations.

“I hope you turn your life around, get a handle on the drug use and find something meaningful in your life,” Lane said.

Todd’s sentencing will be Aug. 5 in Washington County Common Pleas Court.