Urban Meyer shows zero tolerance for bad apples at Ohio State

Too often, bad apples in professional sports are encouraged to expect their physical prowess to protect them from criminal investigations and charges. That can start as early as high school and be reinforced in college.

But if you’re that type of miscreant, don’t expect Ohio State University head football Coach Urban Meyer to encourage you. Meyer has the laudable attitude that there is no place on the Buckeye team for bad boys.

Just days ago, Meyer kicked his squad’s premier running back, Carlos Hyde, off the team. Hyde has been named a “person of interest” in an assault on a woman at a Columbus bar.

Last summer, Meyer booted senior linebacker Storm Klein after he was accused in an altercation involving his former girlfriend. Klein was welcomed back when he was cleared of the charges.

Good for Meyer. Thoughtful OSU fans will applaud his zero tolerance policy toward misbehaving players.

Let’s hope the philosophy spreads to others in college athletics.