Beware of media outlets pushing their own agenda

A recent contributor submitted a letter entitled, “The media needs to quit pushing their own agenda.” I couldn’t agree more. He was correct when he stated that NBC did a disservice by editing the 911 call that George Zimmerman made that February 2012 evening that he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

The issue I take with the remainder of his letter is that all the points he raised were almost daily being discussed on right wing radio/TV and internet. His suggestion is that the left wing media somehow turned this tragedy into a rallying cry. The facts are otherwise.

Mark Levin stated that if “Zimmerman Is Harmed, I blame the President of the United States.” Geraldo Rivera suggested that “You dress like a thug, people are going to treat you like a thug.” He even stated “that the all female jury would have shot and killed Martin a lot sooner than Zimmerman did.”

Glenn Beck went further in his public disdain of Martin, accusing him of the following: Aggravated assault, aggravated battery against a non-staff member, armed robbery, arson assault/threat against M-DCPS employees or persons conducting official business, battery or aggravated battery against M-DCPS employees or persons conducting official business, homicide, kidnapping/abduction, making a false report/threat against the school, sexual battery, possession, use, sale, or distribution of firearms, explosives, destructive devices, and other weapons. Apparently according to Beck, Martin should have been on the FBI’s most wanted list.

Pat Robertson informed his many Christian listeners that since Martin was wearing a hoodie he deserved to be followed by Zimmerman. Ted Nugent stated on July 17, that Zimmerman should sue Martin’s parents for emotional suffering. Rush Limbaugh was one of the very first to defend Zimmerman using his program. Within days of the shooting Limbaugh made Martin the criminal and Zimmerman the hero. Throughout the last 16 months hardly a week passed that he didn’t vilify Martin.

Whether or not Martin was a “squeaky clean kid” was not known to Zimmerman. According to Zimmerman he followed the teen because Martin looked suspicious. The right wing media did much to make Martin the criminal and Zimmerman the hero. What puzzles me is why? The letter writer alludes to gun violence in Chicago (as did Zimmerman’s brother, on CNN, following the verdict) without substantiating those claims. Is the reference to Obama’s hometown a suggestion that whites should look no further than Chicago as an example of problems caused by having a black president? Or did they fear a guilty verdict would call into question various state stand your ground laws? At any rate the writer implies that the liberal media is solely at fault. The writer states that “I would submit that any riots and damage that happen because of the verdict can be laid squarely at the feet of an agenda driven media that is out of control and failing to do their job. The only public outcry that needs to occur is for our media to be truthful to the American people and quit pushing their own agenda.”

But you know, it’s funny that the only media suggesting riots, etc. are the right wing. But I guess that is all part of the agenda isn’t it?

Al Young