‘Outdoor Heaven’ would wreck this great town

I am seriously dismayed at the proposed ‘Outdoor Heaven’ plan at exit 6. Many of the people who live in Marietta are here because of the town’s peaceful dynamic; it is quiet but has events and is well serviced but not overly busy.

If this facility is built, a few individuals will just exploit and wreck this great town, making themselves rich, all under the pretense of ‘revitalization’ and ‘helping by creating jobs’, as with so many other places, big business will then throw Marietta over their shoulder like a used beer can when they are done with it.

When you drive down I-77 to Marietta, there is often little traffic, especially at night. Imagine 7000 people along with the support trucks for a concert on our local roads. Aside from the inconvenience factor, the infrastructure will have to be increased to accommodate the volume of traffic, will this mean higher tax for residents?

Local emergency services such as police and ambulance will no doubt also see a drastic increase in calls; this will mean expanding these services. Are local emergency services equipped to handle crowds of 7,000 people on a regular basis? Will local residents be paying for this also?

Additionally, the kind of people who will be staying in a ‘5 star’ hotel will likely start buying up property in the local area, pushing up property prices and forcing out the local community.

Has anyone considered these factors? Do the architects of this plan even care about their impact on the local community? Will the people who will live with this facility on their doorstep have any say at all?

This plan risks making Marietta into just another suburb and I fear all these concerns will be lost amongst the river jumping stunts and the name dropping of sports stars. One wonders if that is the real point of the upcoming events.

Dr. David Horne