Lowell High School grads still making memories

Driving from Indiana to Lowell gave me time to reflect on the happenings re: my time at Lowell High School some 60 plus years ago. I gave time to the teachers that tried to instill some education into my teenage brain, with some failure. It wasn’t that they didn’t try, it was I failed to listen and take heed. What I did manage to absorb has helped me all my life, and I am grateful.

I wondered how many would attend this gathering of LHS students. Would it be like past alumni banquets, with less than a big attendance? Remembering that my class, 1957, was the last class to graduate, I wasn’t building up my hopes. I also knew I wouldn’t know a lot of them, from long ago classes. See, I left Lowell in 1958 and except to visit my mother, and attend a few alumni banquets, I was never there much. And, there have been more changes than I care to mention. I knew there would be a few from my class, especially those that lived nearby. I was informed later that there were about 170 reservations, surprised, you bet! True to my thoughts, there were a lot I didn’t know.

Before I go on, I want to tell you that my wife, who I knew wouldn’t know many, agreed to come with me. She fit right in, because that is who she is. I am so glad she came. Now let me tell you about the boys (men) who I got to see. They look a lot older than I remember, but they still brought back good memories. Now bear with me, as I let you in on some personal thoughts. The girls (ladies) that I had crushes on, and there were many, were more beautiful than ever. Some were in classes ahead of me, and some behind me. Doesn’t make any difference, I found they had not changed, but if they had, it was for benefit. I won’t list them here by name, because they know who they are. I would like to let them all know that I still believe they are as beautiful as ever.

As time passes, there will be fewer and fewer of us to attend. My only hope is, we will continue to gather, to remind folks, that there was a Lowell High School, and those of us who went to school there, will never forget our time there, or the classmates who will always be in our hearts. God bless us all.

Bruce D. Fleming

New Palestine, Ind.