Thanks to volunteers who cleaned up River Trail

Volunteer Friends of the River Trail turned out Saturday, July 27, sweeping, deweeding, limbing and degumballing much of the 2.5-mile multiuse trail.

Members of the Marietta Rowing and Cycling Club cleaned the Putnam Bridge tunnel, including the light fixtures, repaired the dumpster screen behind the armory, cleaned the armory parking lot, edged grass and earth from the trail and removed overhanging limbs interfering with trail use.

Members of the First Unitarian Universalist Church moved hundreds (maybe thousands) of sweet gum balls from the trail to the Muskingum River bank and treated the asphalt-destroying Bermuda grass with a combination of vinegar and dish soap, which killed the grass weeds on the trail.

Youth from the Washington County Juvenile Center cleared trash along the length of the trail. Tall weeds also were cleared from along the Washington County Fairgrounds fence.

Thank you to all who turned out for the work day on our community trail. If others were out there, thank you. And thanks to those who walk the trail regularly and pickup others’ debris as they go.

Roger G. Kalter

Marietta Rowing and Cycling Club