On Prep Sports: Fall sports season is much anticipated in Mid-Ohio Valley

It’s been a long summer.

While summer vacations typically bring smiles to the faces of high school students and teachers, it is kind of a dead period for high school sports fans such as myself.

From the time that prep baseball, softball and track ends to the time that football and the other fall sports begin, not a whole lot goes on.

Sure you’ll have legion baseball, as well as several youth camps and clinics, but nothing that really stacks up to the entertainment that high school athletics offers, specifically the fall season.

Football is what it is – entire towns will pack their local stadium each Friday night to root on the boys of fall.

But, to me, it’s what happens between Friday nights that separates the fall season from winter and spring.

There is always something going on during the fall season, whether it be soccer, volleyball, golf, cross country, tennis, etc.

It offers a certain type of variety that other seasons don’t – in the winter, it’s more or less basketball every night, with a little wrestling and swimming mixed in, while the spring is something on the diamond every night, with track or rowing mixed in.

While I enjoy the sports that the winter and spring seasons offer, it can get a little repetitive.

On Mondays through Thursdays during the fall, it’s something different almost every night, leading up to the Friday main event on the gridiron.

Another great thing about the fall season is, well, how often do sporting events get postponed due to whether during the fall?

It happens, but not nearly as frequently as it does during the other seasons. Snow in the winter and rain during the spring can really throw things out of whack, especially for a sports writer.

For the most part, whether you’re on the pitch, a volleyball court, a football field or golf course, you can pretty much take it to the bank that there is going to be some action every day during the fall.

Baseball has always been my favorite sport, to play, to watch and to cover, but it is completely frustrating to show up at the field expecting to see some good competition and having it delayed or canceled due to a little lightning or rain.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with putting safety first, and short of building a dome over every field in the Mid-Ohio Valley, there isn’t much that can be done to change it. However, it’s still a major inconvenience, and that is why I prefer the fall season.

Many fall sports team are beginning to practice and hold tryouts, which means the season is right around the corner and the dead period is about over.

I, for one, welcome it with open arms.

Jordan Holland is a sports writer for The Marietta Times. He can be reached at (740) 376-5449 or at jholland@mariettatimes.com.