Old Becky Thatcher spot could be special

Some of Marietta’s officials spoke this week about their plans and goals for the area downtown where the showboat Becky Thatcher used to be moored.

We’re happy to see that those in the city are aware of the potential of the site and are working-however gradually-to turn it into something residents and visitors can enjoy.

For those used to the Becky sitting in that spot for decades, there has seemed to be a hole for the last several. The view from the railroad bridge to Harmar isn’t the same and those walking right past the empty spot on the River Trail are simply greeted with some overgrown greenery and a dilapidated walkway that used to lead to the boat.

That’s a prime location and there should be more there.

The long-term plan is to get the greenery under control, install picnic tables and an observation deck and have the site be a small park.

It might not be as impressive or unique as having a showboat there but it will ensure that the space isn’t an eyesore or a danger. Currently, the unsafe walkway is roped off due to its condition.

We’re anxious to see that area again be something people want to stop and look at, or somewhere they want to visit.