Development project will be a positive for region

Concerning a recent letter to the editor entitled, “Outdoor Heaven would wreck this great town,” I just shook my head, laughed out loud and said to myself, “small minds.”

That letter is the perfect example of what holds this town back…stuck in time…with no jobs of real value (or few and far between)…nothing to entice our young people to come back home and work after college.

Let’s make one thing clear…Marietta is already a destination location for people. Our history and attractions, a vibrant downtown shopping district…a lot of people love coming here to see this little river town.

Wei Sheng’s vision and ability to think outside the box is incredible. Everything that he want’s to do can only help the area…do we really need to start a list of how his concept can help the area?

Specifically, in paragraph six, the writer says ‘Do the architects of the plan even care about the impact on the local community?’ The answer is yes…and the impact should be obvious to anyone! An expansion of options for out of towners to stop and see (spend money)…the creation jobs (money)…an increased tax base (more money)…more bodies in hotels (more money)…and I’ll stop right there because it’s endless.

Instead of fighting and frowning positive ideas for our community, let’s embrace them. And if Outdoor Heaven becomes a reality, we will all gain from it.

Tom Hushion