Expanding Medicaid would save babies’ lives

Quoting from Our Opinion, Marietta Times, Tuesday, July 30, 2013: “Babies are at higher risk in Ohio than almost anywhere else in the country. The state’s infant-mortality rate was at 7.7 per 1,000 births in 2010 – putting Ohio fourth worst in the nation.”

Expanding Medicaid, an option under Obamacare, was supported by Gov. Kasich but trashed by the Republicans. Expanding Medicaid would have provided health care for thousands of women and babies in Ohio that otherwise do without thus raising the infant-mortality rate.

Cutting funding for Planned Parenthood in Ohio will likewise make it harder for women and babies to receive the health care that they need. Planned Parenthood is also very important for providing women with contraception so that they have only the children that they can adequately take care of. Every child born should be wanted, loved and cared for.

The United States has “the best health care in the world” if you have good health insurance. But alas, a sizable number of us don’t have any health care at all. Obamacare is not perfect but the Republicans thought it was a good enough plan some time ago and it worked well for Gov. Romney in Massachusetts.

Carol Lazear Mitchell