Credibility problem over al-Qaeda for Obama

Democrats accused President Bush of lying about Iraq having WMDs. This charge against President Bush was repeated loudly and often by the entire liberal establishment, from top politicians in the Democratic Party, from Hollywood, from late-night comedians, and from talking heads on the mainstream liberal news outlets which outnumber conservative outlets by more than 9 to 1 (or 9 to 2, if you consider the Wall Street Journal to be conservative, even though they always include political thought from both sides).

This happened even though Democrats themselves saw the intelligence and agreed it was real and that Iraq was a threat in the post-9/11 world. This happened even though Democrats in Congress signed off on the war against Iraq, including top-ranking Democrats in both houses of Congress and Hillary Clinton herself. This happened even though intelligence agencies from several different countries (including Russia) produced the exact same intelligence. This continued to happen even after Saddam Hussein himself gave an interview before his execution and stated that he had deliberately misled the world and fooled them into believing he still had active WMD programs in order to project a position of strength in the region, because he feared being attacked again by Iran.

So, Obama specifically claimed when he was on the campaign trail during the last election that al- Qaeda was defeated and no longer a threat. He repeated this loudly and often, and his supporters cheered and celebrated these statements as proof that he had killed the demon and we could end the wars and go home.

In light of the recently revealed plot to attack our embassies and consulates in the Mideast by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and the subsequent and unprecedented closures of 22 of those facilities along with personnel evacuations, plus the attacks on our mission in Benghazi, Libya on the 2012 anniversary of 9/11 that resulted in the loss of four brave men who fought for their lives for untold hours while waiting for help that never came after Obama failed to respond, can we call Obama a liar?

John House