Merchants and Artist

After several years of having her jewelry designs at Teri Ann’s in downtown Marietta, a Chicago jewelry designer was able to come to Marietta Friday for the final Merchants and Artist Walk of the summer.

Alyse Ziede, 43, said she had been designing for about 12 years when a friend invited her to a jewelry-making class.

“I made a few,” Ziede said. “People would say, ‘Where did you get your necklace?'”

Then, after the former Marshall Fields department store had an event for new designers, she started making more.

Her jewelry was part of plenty of artwork on display Friday in downtown Marietta and Harmar, as customers visited participating downtown merchants paired with artists of all varieties.

Doug Beymer, 65, of Marietta, said he thought the event made for a nice, relaxing evening downtown and he was enjoying the people of Marietta.

“It would be nice if we could continue while the weather is good,” Beymer said, referring to some rainy events earlier in the summer.

“This is wonderful,” said Rita Shrider, 64, of Marietta, as she sat on the sidewalk along Front Street and listened to her husband, Randy, 63, play a German monkey organ. “We see a lot of people we haven’t seen for a long time.”

Teri Ann’s owner Teri Ann Pfeffer said the crowd Friday and having jewelry-maker Ziede on hand made for “the best event we’ve ever had.”

Ziede said her inspirations come from color and texture and she considers the colors of the season and finds textures in the color palate to use to create everything from bracelets and earrings to necklaces.

She loves to use semi-precious stone, Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls and a variety of metals. She said her signature pieces feature a lariat, in which one end pulls through another part of the necklace, something like a number 9.

Ziede seems proud to say that every piece she creates is handcrafted.

“The other thing about my piece is every clasp is unique,” Ziede said. “Often, there will be a lobster claw clasp. The beauty of the piece should match the clasp.”

Also on hand for the Merchants and Artist Walk was Nikki Butler, a graphic designer who creates her own fabrics.

After working at a local marketing firm, the Williamstown woman found a website where she can upload an image and produce a fabric.

She makes scarves, shirts, purses and other items from the fabrics she creates, including a pillow with an old image of Marietta and “Marietta” printed in red across the top.

“For me, it’s all about the print,” Butler said.