Celebration Center hosts another GO party Aug. 18

The Celebration Center of Marietta recently went out into our community to host four one-night vacation bible schools at four different playgrounds. Themed “Gospel on the GO”, the mini GO parties were held at our church playground on Front Street, the Flanders Field playground on the West Side, and playgrounds at both the Ridgewood Court Apartments and the Colonial Terrace Apartments.

Many kids and families attended each VBS party. Sno-cones and hot dogs were provided as well as rides on a barrel train. Kids were given balloon animals and prizes at the treasure chest. The Scripture John 3:16 was the VBS memory verse for the night and the gospel message was presented. Many of the kids responded to the message by giving their hearts to Jesus. Some of them said that they had already asked Jesus into their heart and yet they were asking again. Praise the Lord!

Vacation bible schools are events churches use to teach and save our neighborhood children. I observed that some of the parents, grandparents and guardians are already training up their children or grandchildren in the way that they should go. It was encouraging to see that in four different areas of our community that people, young and old alike, are receptive to the Good News. They also welcomed our church coming in to party with them for the purpose of promoting the Gospel. It was uplifting to see a sense of community. This is a great town and we have some awesome kids growing up here!

Parents: continue to raise up your children teaching them right from wrong. Go to church as a family to learn how to be more like Him. Churches: continue to proclaim and preach the Good News. It is working.

Another opportunity to “GO Party” is Sunday, Aug. 18 at East Muskingum Park on Front Street. Our church will hold services at 10 a.m. and then a “Gospel on the GO Party” starts at 1 p.m. All will be hosted by The Celebration Center of Marietta and the public is invited.

The Lord is Good and His Mercy Endures Forever.

Peggy Deer

Sunday School Teacher

Celebration Center of Marietta