Jeremy Berwanger 2-for-2 At Skyline Speedway in Stewart

STEWART – The Frankland Racing Kids Autograph Night and Poske’s Performance Parts Bicycle Racing night proved to be a huge, huge success at Skyline Speedway last Friday night. In the Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association 410 sprints young gun Kory Crabtree won his fifth feature in four weeks, including a string of two back-to-back feature wins. As an added bonus Kory got to race with his dad Keith Crabtree who came out of retirement to drive Greg Mitchell’s 002 car.

In the Kryptonite AMRA Late Model main K.C. Burdette claimed the win by inches over Ronnie Mayle, while Jeremy Berwanger, the Murray City Bandit, stole the show and the top prize in the AMRA Octane Race Products Modified A-main.

It was great to see all the kids in attendance and 17 youngsters participate in the bicycle racing. Winners earned $20, $10, and $5 respectively in each of the three divisions. Additionally, Frankland Racing Autograph night was a huge success as well as the Dave Poske-Billy Jarrell Bicycle racing challenge, won by Dave Poske of Poske’s Performance Parts. Brian Willard picked Poske to win and as a result the proceeds of a cash drawing went to Alexander High School in the name of Willard, who also won a free Pit Pass to the Sarah Bond Big Three, next weekend August 23.

Fifteen kids won Walmart Gift cards Totalling $300 and two children won bicycles provided by Andre Layfield Racing and John Church Racing. Additionally, every child in attendance received a bag full of school supplies, much of which was provided by the race teams. Special thanks was extended to the drivers, Tom and Pam Lemon, Billy Jarrell, and Skyline Speedway.

In the Late Model A-main Racin’ Jason Montgomery was looking for the clean sweep after a hard-earned heat win over K.C. Burdette. Montgomery led from the onset as the battle touted between he and outside pole-sitter Chris Garnes never materialized. Burdette jumped into second with Ronnie Mayle in tow.

Montgomery was dogged every inch of the way by Burdette. While Burdette never quite overtook Montgomery, he was along side the veteran much of the way. Mayle then nearly passed Burdette with the race developing into a 3-way battle.

On the 13th circuit, Montgomery’s suspension gave out and his car limped to a stop, giving Burdette the lead. Burdette survived several early challenges from Mayle, who at one point was overtaken by Garnes. Then Burdette started to stretch out his lead.

Meanwhile, Tyler Carpenter had zoomed from 15th to fifth and at one point it was a Carpenter Clan family reunion for 4th, 5th, and 6th among Chris, Tyler, and Freddie Carpenter. Both Tyler and Freddie faded in the last five laps giving way to hard charging Mike Smith and Andy Bond. As the race wound down it appeared Burdette would coast to victory, but during the last three laps Mayle reeled Burdette in and nearly pulled off the comeback win, narrowly missing the win by inches at the finish. Behind Burdette’s McDonald Race Engines/Graham Excavating/Burdette Construction Rayburn rounding out the top ten were Mayle, Chris Garnes, Chris Carpenter, Mike Smith, Andy Bond, Tyler Carpenter, Freddie Carpenter, Travis Brookover, and Ralph Withem.

In the Kryptonite AMRA Late Models, Tyler Carpenter and Ralph Withem were the Hard Chargers each moving up eight positions. Carpenter went from 15th to 7th and Withem went from 18th to 10th.

The Octane AMRA Modifieds took the same script from Late Model A-main. On the initial start polesitter Jarrod Willis was called for jumping and sent to the tail. Mike McPherson inherited the pole and zoomed to an immediate lead over Jeremy Berwanger and Andy Bond. Moments later Berwanger and Bond made contact and spun, collecting four other cars in the process. Bond was whistled for the caution.

McPherson started to distance himself from the field as the gaggle of cars approached lapped traffic. Berwanger lurked in second with Jeremy Blake duking it out with youngster Kyle Bond. Bond was impressive in his heat and when all was said and done, he withstood Blake’s pressure for position in the feature.

A lapped car spun in front of McPherson who had no place to go and plowed into the spinning comrad, where he emerged with a flat tire and lost hopes of victory on lap seven. For the latter portion of the race it was the Killer B’s of Berwanger, Bond, and Blake putting on a show.

Other noteworthy performances came from Gary Gould, who continued his string of strong Skyline runs, a bid that earned him hard-charger. In the AMRA Octane Modifieds Gould was the hard charger in an impressive 16th to 5th place run. Jarrod Willis, who had early gone to the tail fought back to eighth spot. Brad Willis and Nick Carr climbed into the top ten with credible runs.

Berwanger went on to the big victory ahead of Bond, Blake, Ronnie Mayle, Gary Gould, Robert Garnes, Rick Venham, Jr., Jerrod Willis, Brad Willis, and Nick Carr.

In the OVSCA 410 Sprint Cars, Jim Neir, Dave Dickson, and Brian Benson were the Hard Chargers each moving up three positions. Neir went from 5th to 2nd, Dickson went from 11th to 8th, and Benson went from 14th to 11th.

Aaron Higgins took the initial lead, but an early bobble gave Crabtree the room he needed for the pass and number one spot. Crabtree was chased frantically by Jimmy Nier and Jimmy Stinson, who each fought past Higgins for a run at the top three.

As Crabtree got into traffic, Nier quickly closed the gap and at one point came within a car length of the leader before scrubbing off some speed. Nier came back for another bid at first, but Crabtree withstood the pressure.

After a late race caution, Crabtree had free reign of the track and blitzed on to the uncontested win aboard his B & P Miller/Milhone Motorsports Maxim powered by Oaks Machine Racing Engines. Behind second place Nier were Aaron Higgins, Nathan Skaggs, Jimmy Stinson, Ryan Broughton, Mark Imler, Dave Dickson, Eddy Slone, and Josh Davis.

Said Crabtree, “I just tried to be cool, really cool. The throttle was stuck and I just had to stay composed and hang on. It got a little hectic in traffic, but in the open track the car was super fast.”

Skyline will host the Sarah Bond Big Three Friday, paying $2,000 to win and $200 to start in all three classes. sprints, late models, modifieds. Admission is $20 General Admission, $15 Sr. Citizens, 12 and under free, and $40 for the pits. There is no entry fee for drivers, however, new drivers to the track must have their registration fee in all divisions.