Rainy fair finale

The weather was great for Waterford’s 55th Community Fair on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but rain showers rolled in late Sunday morning and stayed through the rest of the day, forcing cancellation of the popular truck and tractor pull that evening.

“The truck and tractor pull draws our biggest crowd every year, but we have to look out for people’s safety-we don’t want anyone to get hurt,” said fair board president Dennis Martin.

He noted the dirt track becomes quite slippery when it’s wet, and fair board members were concerned that could pose a danger to vehicles and drivers competing in the pull.

“We also have a lot of neighbors who allow people to park in their yards while attending the fair, and with the ground so wet we didn’t want their properties damaged by parking cars,” Martin added.

But he said the rest of the weekend fair was great.

Board treasurer Rhonda Turner agreed.

“I’d guess we’ve had at least 6,000 people daily through Saturday, and I’m amazed that people are still coming (Sunday), although many are carrying umbrellas,” she said. “Our attendance is definitely up over last year, and Thursday was probably our best day when we opened the rides to the public.”

Turner noted there was some Sunday rain during the 2012 fair, too, but not enough to cancel the truck and tractor pull.

“We’ll still have a good year this year,” she said.

Another problem that cropped up for the fair Saturday afternoon was the loss of water service after a water main broke near the fairgrounds.

“But no one complained-the vendors carried in drinking water, and we ordered some extra porta-johns because our restrooms were out of order,” Turner said.

Some events did take place Sunday, including the morning’s fun horse show.

Gail Kincaid of Stockport was slightly out of breath after assisting her 5-year-old grandson, Isaac Marquis, as his horse made its way through a series of traffic cones, then galloped back to the gate at the fairgrounds track.

“We’ve always had horses around our home,” she said. “All of my kids and grandkids have grown up with horses.”

Kincaid noted the rain had kept many spectators away from the horse show this year.

“It rained a little, but we still had a pretty good turnout for the show last year,” she said.

Bob Cain of Stockport was commentator for the horse show, sponsored by the Hobbie Horses 4-H Club of Morgan County.

“The last two or three years have had some rain, but not this much, and we still have about 30 riders participating this year,” he said.

Connie Abbott, 60, of Waterford, said participation in the fun horse show seems to grow every year.

“Horseback riding is something a family can do together-it’s available for all ages,” she said, noting that her grandson, Aiden Wells, 4, has been riding since he was 3 years old.

“And he took his first ride on a horse when he was just 4 months old,” Abbott added.

Up on the midway Ron Negri with the Wolf Creek Athletic Boosters said the organization had sold a lot of food at the fair over the weekend.

“Thursday and Friday nights we were at least 10 percent beyond last year’s sales,” he said. “And on Saturday we sold more than 550 pounds of french fries.”

Waterford resident Jennifer McCutcheon ducked under her umbrella as she walked across the fairgrounds midway Sunday.

“I think it always rains on Sunday at the fair,” she said. “But people seem to come out anyway.”