Guilty plea for drug possession

A Marietta woman pleaded guilty Monday in Washington County Common Pleas Court to drug trafficking and possession charges stemming from a November traffic accident.

Courtney T. Cunningham, 21, of 116 Ingleside Ave. pleaded guilty to two fifth-degree felony counts-one for trafficking in drugs and one for possession of drugs.

Officers noticed that Cunningham seemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when she was involved in a traffic crash in the 700 block of Phillips Street on Nov. 19. Cunningham was in possession of marijuana, Xanax, oxycodone tablets and two kinds of hydrocodone tablets, said Washington County Assistant Prosecutor Jared Erb.

“She actually admitted to the investigating officer that she had been to Athens and purchased four ounces of marijuana,” he said.

Cunningham denied being involved in trafficking, telling officers she only sold the drug to her close friends, Erb said.

“Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter who you sell it to, it’s still trafficking,” he added .

Cunningham also pleaded guilty to possessing the oxycodone tablets.

In exchange for the guilty pleas, the prosecution agreed to dismiss two other fifth-degree felony possession charges and a first-degree and fourth-degree misdemeanor possession charge levied against Cunningham during her July indictment.

“The state will recommend 90 days in jail…and community control, as well as assessment for the court’s “Thinking For A Change” program,” said Erb.

Cunningham has no prior criminal record except for an OVI charge also stemming from the Nov. 19 traffic crash, he said.

Fifth-degree felonies carry a maximum sentence of one year in prison, but without prior felony convictions a prison sentence is unlikely.

Cunningham is currently on probation in Marietta Municipal Court for the OVI charge, her attorney Randall Jedlink told Washington County Common Pleas Court Judge Randall Burnworth.

“You understand that if you plead guilty here it may result in a violation of your probation in Marietta Municipal Court?” asked Burnworth.

Cunningham indicated she knew the possible consequences and went forward with the plea agreement.

Cunningham will be sentenced at 3:30 p.m. Sept. 23.