Candidate Willa O’Neill deserves support

Last year, we saw record numbers of voters go to the polls in a national election. Although this fall’s election is less than three months away, and will be a local election, it is still important that our citizens register and vote for city government officials, whose decisions affect us daily, and although we may not always agree with their decisions, those willing to give of their time and talents to benefit our city should be commended.

I would like to endorse a candidate for Marietta City Treasurer whom I believe to be most qualified for this position. Willa O’Neill, a graduate of Ohio University and longtime resident of Marietta, spent 31 years in public service, 25 years at the Ohio Department of Transportation. Beginning her careers at ODOT as a highway worker in Washington County, O’Neill worked her way through the ranks to serve as statewide union quality coordinator for the 10 years prior to her retirement in 2011. In her statewide position, she managed a quality program which involved employees at all levels of the organization in improving the efficiency of work processes to make the best use of taxpayer’s money.

O’Neill believes that public service is a noble calling which demands the best of those of who serve. She is seeking elected office in Marietta in an effort to give back to the city which she calls home. I know she is ready to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Sharon Breen-Farnsworth