Advice to Outdoor Heaven’s developer

In his letter to the editor published on Aug. 7, Wei-Chung Sheng stated that in order to go forward with his plans to build Ohio Outdoor Heaven he doesn’t need monetary support or public enthusiasm. This week, a representative of Ohio Outdoor Heaven showed up at my office in a small, locally based business, offering advertisement “privileges” – both at the proposed park (though those advertisements would be temporary) and at the event in October. For a man who claims that since local businesses are so incapable of maintaining or benefiting the local economy it’s his responsibility to save us with a tourist attraction based on the same backwoods stereotypes he applies to us in his letter, he certainly does seem at cross-purposes since he’s now soliciting unrealistic amounts of money from small locally owned businesses for VIP advertising privileges at his upcoming promotional event. By “unrealistic” I mean that these VIP advertising packages range from $500,000 to $1,000, and this seems like an awful lot to ask for from small businesses whose support he doesn’t even need. Maybe instead of condescending to our community, he should try to listen to our very valid concerns.

Alicia Wright