A Weighty Issue: Heading in the right direction

Wow! Holy snicker doodles! A lot has been happening these days. Yes, I’m still struggling with discoloration and some swelling in both legs. However, with the help of ace bandage wraps – the water in my legs slowly returned to their natural shape … that’s right – tree trunks.

Next on the list was being fitted with support stockings to help my new notch on my list of diseases and conditions. The condition is called lymph edema. I was told that this condition is derived by trauma to the lymph system therefore causing pain and swelling. Those blasted support stockings! I practically had to use Vaseline to squeeze into those torture contraptions. You know? I bet if support hose were used on crime suspects, while being interrogated by police, I bet they would talk …

Speaking of that … no! I have not been interrogated by the police! What I meant to say was there was this one day. Ever have one of those days that you “get up on the wrong side of the bed”? Well, I did. In fact, it was so bad because I did get up on the wrong side of the bed because one side of my bed is against the wall. I felt really grumpy and proceeded to go into the living room and sit on the loveseat and put on the stockings. After I got them on my legs – up to my thighs – guess what? Yup, they rolled down. I swore in different languages for every time those things rolled down my legs. It was super frustrating. So, I hope my physical therapist is not reading this – I quit wearing them … temporarily.

This leads to the next story in this saga. By the way, I had gained a whole bunch of water weight (at least that’s what I blame the weight gain on). I tried different scales to weigh myself on to get an acceptable weight average – ha-ha … just kidding. I did go to different scales but only because I was too heavy for each scale. Finally, I weighed in at 346 pounds. I thought I would collapse when I saw that weight. So contradictorily, I had some ice cream to quell my frustration with my two boyfriends, “Ben and Jerry” (ice cream that is).

After the water weight began to come off with the help of the wrappings, healthier eating and exercise. That’s right! I said exercise. With the help of a scholarship, I joined the YMCA. I figured that I could use one-stop shopping – pool, weight room, and fitness center.

I obtained a medical excuse from my doctor to exercise at my discretion. I mustered up some guts and started out bright and early to use their pool. Afterward, I made an appointment with a gentleman in the fitness center for orientation. It was exhilarating, much to my surprise, being in the weight room and fitness center with dreams of weight loss bounding around in my head. I felt confident after the orientation that I could make use of this gift of a scholarship.

The next day, I set out by myself. I used my skills and began to warm-up on the treadmill for 5 minutes. It was at a slow pace, otherwise if it were a higher speed, I’d fly off of it so fast, it would rival superman. After the warm-up, I set my eyes on the nautilus equipment (weight machines). I completed about six of them doing two sets worth. Now, I can beat people up. I proceeded back to the treadmill where I completed (for me) an astonishing 15 minutes with an extra two minute cool-down. I was so proud of myself. Even the trainer said he was pleasantly surprised I accomplished that time seeing as though I’ve been out of the whole exercise mumbo jumbo for quite some time.

The best part was that I’m able to weigh myself on a more conducive scale. I’m down to 323 pounds. That is a 23-pound weight loss. It is about time I’m going in the right direction. Until next time …

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