Physicians should craft health reform

Now that the horrors of Obamacare are trickling down upon us, I would like to ask our Congress, “does signing and passing a bill with no knowledge of what was in it, no knowledge of who penned it, and no explanation of its consequences make any sense?” It is time to dismantle this ill-conceived bill and start over. But this time, bring in the medical profession.

I would like to make this suggestion to the president. If you want to create a good health care bill, get rid of the lawyers, economists, sociologists, politicians, MBA’s and AMA leaders and anyone else who might have advised you on Obamacare. Instead, appoint a panel of clinicians to solve the problem. By clinician I mean physicians who have been delivering direct personal care, one on one, to patients in their offices, in operating rooms, emergency room, and at the bedside, with the responsibility and liability of their actions and treatments solely their own. Doctors who pay their own malpractice premiums, office salaries, and rent. Physicians whose lives have been spent rapidly assessing what works and what doesn’t. Those beholden only to their patients and their families. Company physicians, academicians, research MDs on salary, or medical administrators need not apply. Those politically connected are not wanted. Preferably, select those over 50 who have been practicing and experiencing the changes in health care which have occurred over the decades (wrinkles and grey hair welcome!).

On the television we are constantly being bombarded by politicians and “experts” in all fields, all with lofty ideas but little insight. They cannot and should not be expected to understand all the ramifications of their decisions about one-on-one medical care by doctors. The difference between an experienced clinician managing a problem and someone less so can be lifesaving for a patient and cost saving for the system.

Does making decisions involving billions of taxpayer dollars make sense without involving input from those who will carry the ultimate burden for making the system work? It was a very grave error for the administration to totally revamp our health care delivery system without input from the real experts in the field. Now is the time to send some doctors to Washington to heal this wound.

Jill Scileppi