August: More rain, less heat

Although some days may have felt like 90 degrees or more during August, the local temperature never reached that mark last month. But we had plenty of rain, according to Marietta weather watcher Charlie Worsham.

“The temps were below normal, but rainfall was double the normal amount,” he said. “In fact, the rainfall total of 7.12 inches was the most for August since we had 10.68 inches in August 1989.”

Last month’s highest temperature, 88 degrees, was only reached on Friday.

“With an average high of 81.9 and an average low of 62.3, this August was the coolest since 2004. We had 11 nights with lows in the 50s last month,” Worsham noted. “But last year at this time the high temperature was 94 degrees on both Aug. 31 and Sept. 1.”

Tennis coach Mike Carpenter, who was conducting a clinic at the Marietta College courts Sunday afternoon, said rain and heat have had an impact on his sport since June.

“The beginning of summer was pretty rainy, and if it wasn’t raining it was hot,” he said. “And there’s no shade on a tennis court, so you have to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.”

A lack of rainfall has not been a problem for this area since the end of July, Worsham said.

“At the beginning of June we were 4.5 inches below the yearly normal rainfall, but that was all made up and then some during June and July,” he said. “By the end of July the precipitation was 6.25 inches above normal. And at the end of August we’re still 3.6 inches above normal rainfall.”

Worsham said the all-time record for rainfall in August was set in 1935 with a whopping 13.86 inches.